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Shoplifting Defense Attorney in Santa Clarita

If you have been accused of stealing merchandise from a retail store in the Santa Clarita area, you may face petty theft charges. Though the penalties for shoplifting are often relatively minor, they may have a lasting impact on your reputation and future employment or educational opportunities due to a lasting criminal record. A lawyer can work to limit all negative repercussions of a shoplifting arrest by protecting your legal rights and challenging your charges.

Arrested for shoplifting? Here's what you should do.

From the instant that you are taken into police custody or discover that you are under investigation for a crime, the most important thing you can do is to contact a Santa Clarita criminal defense lawyer. Law enforcement may wish to ask you questions or may ask to look around your house. If they do not have a search warrant, politely decline their request to conduct a search. If they arrest you and take you to the station where they wish to question you about the alleged offense, invoke your right to remain silent and request to contact an attorney. Some people naturally wish to cooperate with law enforcement out of respect or even fear, but cooperating may only result in self-incrimination or the police getting evidence that they should have had no right to find. An attorney's early involvement will help ensure that you take the right steps in the face of shoplifting or any criminal charges.

Santa Clarita Criminal Defense Lawyer

Interested in finding out more about your legal rights in the face of shoplifting allegations or charges? Call our offices or contact us online and schedule a confidential review of your case. Our founding attorney, David M. Wallin, is an experienced trial lawyer and former prosecutor who understands how to approach these particular cases. He can offer you valuable insight and information.

Contact a Santa Clarita shoplifting defense attorney at our firm today and get started in receiving the criminal defense counsel you need.

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