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23300 Cinema Drive, Suite 2910
Valencia, CA 91355
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When the world comes down on you, when you can only see darkness and only feel anguish, pain and confusion, when you need help like you've never needed help before, call David.

- A Criminal Defense client

From the moment I spoke to Mr. Wallin he made feel comfortable. He listened and was attentive also he was understanding. The real magic was what he did in the court room. Thank you Dave !!! also my family thanks you as well.

- Andre

I called his office for a legal advise regarding my matter. Atty Wallin gave me a call himself and gave me reasonable advise which I intend to follow. He's straightforward, and, like I mentioned earlier, I felt his sincerity in helping me, even if It was just a free consultation. He gave me advise on which is best for me to avoid more problems so I do not need to hire him. NOW THAT'S SAYING A LOT ABOUT HIS CHARACTER!!! And his staff is also very accommodating and nice. Made you feel comfortable right away. Thank you Atty Wallin... Godspeed and may you help many more people.

- A Criminal Defense

I was unsure that my case was even worth spending money on a lawyer since I thought I was definitely going to jail, but after a few hearings I had no jail time and put on probation with hardly any fines, this is a great team of lawyers.


Great Attorney. Very Knowledgeable , I felt very comfortable with David. He was very informative with me in all parts of litigation and I felt very confident with him at all times.
- A Client

The Law Offices of David M. Wallin really came to my rescue when I recently got in trouble with the law. I was facing years in jail and was losing all hope, but thanks to the efforts of my legal team, I only spent one day behind bars! I am now on probation and attending therapy and counseling sessions, all of which is helping me heal and get my life back on track. Alfredo Guevara III and Michelle Day listened to all my questions and gave me lots of great advice. They gave me a great legal plan of attack, which I followed to the letter, and the legal proceedings ended with a much happier ending than I could have ever expected. A big thanks goes out to the Law Offices of David M. Wallin. They helped me get through the darkest time of my life, and now it’s just blue skies from here on out!

- Leonida

My case started when I was arrested in May of 2012. I originally had a different lawyer. I was unsatisfied so I heard from a friend about David M. Wallin. So I took a chance. I do NOT regret that decision AT ALL. They stood by my side strong. I became a very emotional person because of this whole thing. They handled me well. They kept me in check, they let me cry. I didn't feel like a "criminal" like I did from everyone else. Every time I was in the office it was a pleasant visit. I had Andrew Tan as my lawyer. He is everything a lawyer should be. He's straight forward and honest with you. He tells you exactly how it is. And you can tell his mind is ALWAYS running. You can tell he truly loves his job. David Wallin did a very good job on his staff. They are all amazing and compassionate in their own ways. When I had to go in to go over my preliminary I had my appointment with Chandra, I was so scared. I hated talking about this and I was afraid I was gonna get blamed and look stupid because I'm so young. But, as soon as I walked in her office she gave me the warmest welcome you could ever imagine. Each time I had talked to her was relaxing and soothing. That's just the type of person she is. She makes you feel like in the end things will be okay. And they will. You just have to get there. I also had a private investigator through them Pasquale, he's the best. And I'm not just saying that. He notices everything. If you ever have him breathing down your neck... Just come forward. He'll figure it all out sooner than you think. I'm serious too. Anyway, the point of this whole review, David Wallin runs an amazing law firm. If you ever get in trouble, you won't regret going with this firm. Trust me.

- Shawna L. Clark

To this point it has been an awesome experience very friendly, and helpful! Hopefully the outcome will be awesome!

- Glen MacArthur

The Law Offices of David M. Wallin Attorney and Staff were all awesome helped me and my son thru a very hard 1 1/2 year of harsh time. Mr. Wallin and staff were always available for support thru this very difficult time in our life and I highly recommend Mr. Wallin to all any anyone who is in need of any Attorney services.
Thank you all for all your help and support.
They are more than just a DUI attorney...... :)

- Lynette

I am about to submit my final payment to the office of David Wallin, and I have to say it was the best decision I have made. The staff and attorneys really helped me out in my time of need. I would like to thank David, Andrew, and Chandra for assisting me with my DUI case. It was my First time going through the process of acquiring an attorney and they went over all the important information about my case every step of the way. I'm forever grateful and god forbid if I ever need an attorney again I would definitely return to the office. And also kudos to the Elvis Presley collection they definitely take care of business!

- Brian C.

I used David M Wallin back in 1991. What great service back then and now. I had to call him again and use his services. Went to see him in December to help me out with a little problem I had. His fee was reasonable. He took care of me and did not take up a lot of my time

-Donald T.

I am not a fan of being in ANY type of situation that mandates the use of an attorney but I am overwhelmed with the professionalism, the help, the friendliness and the ability to ease a very uneasy mind that the Law Offices of David Wallin possess!!!!
From start to finish, the entire team of staff came to help. They listened, they provided us with knowledge and information about our case and they were always present for any questions we had.
I strongly suggest if you are in a situation, please do yourself a favor and take the time to talk with this group!!!

From start to finish you can count on this team. Would like to give a special thanks to Mr Tan and Chandra for all their time and help! You guys are LIFESAVERS!!!!! Thank you!

-Christina V.

Wow this guy and his team from the receptionist on up to Mr. Wallin himself were & continue to be there for me since the first day I walked in their doors.... Appreciate guys. Simply the best i could ever ask for....

-Charles T.

I was a client here not to long ago. The staff and attorneys really take the stress out of your situation and give you peace of mind. They represented me the way every laywer should. I was very pleased with my experience here!

-Drake N.

I was involved in a Hit and Run incident and I called David Wallin. He took my case and quoted me his fee. He listened intently as I described my situation and involvement in this accident. He was very truthful and knowledgeable concerning my options at this time he requested the necessary documents to support my case. Communication was great with his staff; they were informative, polite and courteous, always answered my e-mails and phone calls. In only 6 weeks my case was resolved with no court appearance, ticket, arrest warrant, jail time, fine or points on my driving record and my insurance did not increase. I recommend David Wallin to anyone who needs an attorney. Great Job!

- Gary S.

I picked up a speeding ticket and attorney Alfredo Guevara fought hard to get the ticket dismissed! We have trial coming up in January and I have no doubt he'll finish the job!

- Michelle D.

I have had excellent legal counseling and representation from this firm. I would recommend them to anyone with legal problems.

-Jason K.

Gave great legal advice I retained them for work to be done before D.A. pressed charges,was the best money we ever spent it worked. The D.A. rejected case. Michele in the office was a great help and always returned my calls in a timely fashion.

- Julie E.

I was advised by my Cooperate legal office to obtain a Criminal Lawyer for an issue that went from an internal office email dispute which I thought was resolve with a hand shack, to an out of office vandalism Police report.
I contacted the Law Office of David M. Wallin and was quickly able to explain my issue of being wrongfully accused for something I did not do.
David Wallin gave me two choices, I could do nothing and wait or I could let them quickly get in front of this issue before this dispute got out of control. I elected to have his Law office help me.
David Wallin's Law office provided the peace of mind I needed to get on with my personal life and work.
Thanks for your hand of support.
I sincerely appreciate it.

-Nelson D.

The Law Offices of Mr.Wallin was a very excellent Criminal Defense Law Firm in the Antelope Valley! There staff was very helpful and they give you as much as information as possible. They had also gave me a very good results. I highly recommend this law firm!!

-Sophia G.

This was my first time ever having to retain any type of legal service/attorney. I was beyond stressed and overwhelmed with my situation that I needed legal representation for. I called the law offices of David M Wallin. I went in for a FREE consultation, Mr.Wallin answered ALL of my questions that I had and was extremely patient and informative with me. I retained his services and from start to finish everything went beyond smoothly with a perfect outcome of my case. I cant say enough great things about Mr.Wallin and his entire staff! Highly recommend this law firm!!!!

- Sara L

I really felt like this law firm did my family a lot of good. They are still helping us fight a case, and helped win another. I feel that Andrew Tan has done a lot of work to help and has been at every court date. I've not seen much of Mr.Wallin, I met him once. But Andrew did plant to help. The most helpful was Michelle Day, she is really a great paralegal. She can answer any questions that you may have, and she is really quick to respond. She's also just a really positive person. I would recommend this firm to anyone.

- Ashley M.

I have utilized the services of David Wallin's Law office more than once and have referred many people to them for representation.
Let me tell you they are the BEST!!! All of the staff up to and including David Wallin are very professional and their knowledge of the Law is SUPERIOR! If every you find yourself in the need for representation don't hesitate to call on them. We make mistakes in life that can be punishable to the fullest extent. With Wallin and his staff on your side you know you will get the best that you can get.

Case and point:
My son was facing up to six years in jail and Wallin's office was able to enlighten the Judge with some facts that got my sons sentence down to just months in jail instead of years.

I am VERY GRATEFUL as so is my son.

Thank you for all your help David Wallin and staff.

God Bless

- Rhonda c.

You know how I knew I should leave feedback for David Wallin? Because months after our last court date, when our lives have finally settled down a little, when the nightmare he helped us through is becoming a memory instead of a reality, I still think daily of how helpful he was. We had a case involving our minor child, and while I might dismiss some of what we experienced as the police and the DA "just doing their job", I can honestly say after much reflection that we were dealing with incompetence combined with overzealousness from people with the power to wreck our lives. The combination was both stressful and draining in ways that I've never experienced. But the first time I met Mr. Wallin I could sense his authenticity, competence and confidence, and true concern. David M. Wallin wasn't just my attorney, he was a real, authentic person working hard to help us and our child, and from that first meeting when he was handing me a book and a box of tissues, to the last when he was smiling at us and shaking our hands for the last time near the steps of the courthouse, he maintained those qualities. And even though we had free access to Mr. Wallin whenever we needed it, we also dealt with his office staff many times along the way. Chandra Wolfe was our main contact and she was always friendly and helpful and encouraging, as were the other office people we worked with. If you're in need of an attorney in this area, I'd highly recommend visiting David Wallin's office to meet with him. Doing so turned out to be one of the best decisions we've ever made. Oh, and I almost forgot; Mr. Wallin helped us WIN in court.

-Clarence M.

If you are looking for a honest hard working law firm that will fight for you, David Wallin and his team are who you should hire.

-James R.

I have always been a straight-laced, responsible person. My life was shattered on the night that I was falsely accused of assault with a deadly weapon. His experience and the excellent work performed by he and his fine staff ended this nightmare within a month. Also, his positive personality helped me to get through the situation emotionally. You see, beyond being the absolute best at what he does - and, believe me, he is THE best in the business - this man is the walking contradiction to every bad thing you've ever heard about lawyers. He's a damn good human being! And, although I hope to God I am never in such a situation again, if I ever am there's no one I would turn to.

When the world comes down on you, when you can only see darkness and only feel anguish, pain and confusion, when you need help like you've never needed help before, call David."
- Name Withheld

"I went to The Law Offices of David Wallin for a domestic violence case. They were very kind and answered every question I had. The process was quick and they worked hard to have my charges not filed. I would recommend this Law Office to everyone."
- Erika

Dear Mr. Wallin,
I want to tell you of what an exceptional team you have working for you. I can honestly say that your firm by far, has the most professional attorneys that I have ever dealt with Thank you for all your services and your dedication……I am finally able to move forward with my life……if anyone ever needs your services, I will refer them to you.

Thank you so much for the assistance you gave me in my time of need. Your expertise and compassion helped to carry me through very difficult times. I am most grateful for everything you did for me.

Dear Mr. Wallin and Staff
On behalf of my family and me I would like to take a moment to express my most dearest thanks to you and your staff. Your concern and professional services in my case were excellent. I would recommend anyone with a legal matter to your office. Without your help I do not know how my life would have turned out, but due to your help I see a great future.

Dear Mr. Wallin,
In our time of desperation, and not knowing how to help and support our son through his trouble; we retained you and your legal team. Your team gave our son and us the legal guidance and support with such professionalism and compassion. Thank you so much to all the team……our only regret is that we were not able to retain you longer.
-R. Family

Mr. Wallin & Staff,
Thank you very much on behalf of our family in regards to Timothy. Without you we would be in a huge mess right now. You and your staff have been very helpful and nice throughout all of this and understanding about our financial status and letting us pay the lower payments. You’re all wonderful people.
-H. Family

Words can not describe what you have done and been to me and my family over the last six weeks. Thank you for your kindness and respect. Thank you for the grace you have shown me. I thank God for bringing me to your office.

Your office represented my son on a few occasions. You all worked so hard and the end results on the cases were awesome. I wanted all of you to know that we appreciate all that you have done for our son and family.
We were new to the “attorney” thing and was quite nervous and upset. The atmosphere of your office, the professionalism of your staff and of course the compassion and honesty we received in your meeting room did not go by unnoticed……you put so much into creating a calm environment……you all worked so hard on our cases….For all this, Thank You. I will recommend your offices to anyone seeking your services.

It's been a week since my case was resolved and I would like to take this time to thank all of you for your help on my case. When my wife and I met with Mr. Wallin in September after my arrest I was so distraught, scared and confused. I thank you for your understanding and compassion regarding my situation, especially when explaining the assault on me back in 2003. Your honest legal advice that evening, although very frightening, was so welcome since we had no experience with these types of situations. This legal process was extremely stressful for us as I am sure it is for all your clients. In addition to the legal process, I have been working hard on my recovery from the 2003 assault. I have been seeing my therapist weekly and I can finally see the light at the end of these very difficult 8 long years of suffering. I will continue with my therapy for as long as it takes. Mr. Wallin, I don't know if you remember but the evening we had our consultation with you, you told us that after this was all over we would be stronger as a couple for it. I just wanted all of you to know that you were so right! My wife and I have grown even closer and have supported each other through all of this. I also wish to thank Aja for the many emails, calls and words of comfort she offered me during this process. I know that at times my wife and I were upset when we called her and she did her best to offer her words of comfort. When I met Aja in person, her compassion towards me and the pain I was going through meant a great deal as well as her patience in explaining things to me.
-Name withheld for privacy

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