Former NFL Player Sentenced to 30 Years for Sexual Assault

Former NFL star Dave Meggett was sentenced to 30 years in prison after being convicted of criminal sexual misconduct and burglary in a South Carolina court.

The charges stem from a January 2009 incident between Meggett, 42, and a college student at her house in North Charleston. Megget's attorney, Beattie Butler of the Charleston County Public Defender's Office, argued that Meggett and the student had consensual sex, then had an argument later during the night in question.  Meggett did not take the stand in the trial, and is expected to appeal.

Meggett has a history of facing allegations of sex crimes. In 1998 he was arrested in Toronto after authorities said he allegedly assaulted an escort worker. He was convicted of misdemeanor sexual battery and given two years' probation following a 2006 incident 
for sexually assaulting his former girlfriend, and he still faces charges for a September 2008 incident in which a teenager accused Meggett of forcing her to have sex at a South Carolina home after inviting her to breakfast.

Meggett was a running back and kick returner in the NFL playing with the New York Giants, New England Patriots and the New York Jets between 1989 and 1998. He once held the NFL's record for punt return yardage, amassing 3,708 yards, he currently holds the second highest career record. He helped the New York Giants win in Super Bowl XXV and made a second appearance with the New England Patriots in Super Bowl XXXI.

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