David Cassidy Arrested for DUI

David Cassidy, best remembered for his role on "The Partridge Family", was arrested recently in Florida on suspicion of driving under the influence.

According to the Florida Highway Patrol, the actor and singer was pulled over around 6 p.m. for driving erratically on the turnpike in Fort Lauderdale. Cassidy allegedly crossed the center divider, then cut off another driver while attempting to merge onto an exit ramp. He was charged with DUI, failure to maintain a single lane and having an open container. He was given but failed a field sobriety test and was asked to provide two breath tests, reportedly around a .14. Officers said they also found a half-empty bottle of bourbon in the backseat of Cassidy's Mercedes. Cassidy says he was not drunk, disputing the breath test results, and intends to fight the charges. He reportedly told police he had had a glass of wine at lunch and took a hydrocodone pill in the afternoon for back pain. 

Cassidy spent nine hours in a county jail before posting $350 bail. 

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