Man Gets 90 Days for Kicking Cat

A judge this week sentenced Percy Love, 22, of Chicago to 90 days in Cook County Jail after finding him guilty of misdemeanor animal cruelty for kicking a cat, he has credit for 37 days already served.

Police saw him take a running start before kicking a kitten 15 to 18 feet into the air, he then raise his arms to signal a successful field goal. Police said Love explained his actions by saying, "He is tough, we play like that all the time. It's just a cat. Love won't get the cat back.

Cook County Judge Tommy Brewer found Percy Love guilty of animal cruelty for the January 23 attack on the small black cat. The cat, which the defendant called 'Nightmare', is doing quite well. He is a very friendly and affectionate cat according to Animal Care and Control commisioner Cherie Travis on her Facebook page. On Wednesday, she added, "the cat, now named Avery, was adopted... and is doing wonderfully with his new family, which includes dogs and cats.

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