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Charged with selling drugs?

If you are convicted of selling drugs or even possession with intent to sell, you can face a prison sentence. The length of the sentence is affected by which drug is involved and how much of it, as well as factors such as the involvement of minors and your criminal history. The drug does not have to be found on you personally but can be discovered in a location which you control. You may also be charged if you have drug paraphernalia on you which indicates that you are involved in the sale of drugs. If you are arrested in relation to drug sales, be sure to contact a Santa Clarita criminal defense lawyer before speaking to police officers about your case.

Defending a Drug Sales Charge

At Law Offices of David M. Wallin, we are dedicated to helping you reach a winning outcome. In a drug crime case, there are many ways we may be able to achieve this. We are adept at identifying any procedural or rights violations which may lead to your case being thrown out. This includes your rights regarding illegal searches and seizures. Evidence obtained illegally is not permissible in court and may collapse the prosecution's case entirely. Even if the evidence stands, it may not be enough to prove your guilt beyond reasonable doubt, which must be done in order to convict you. We may thus be able to have your charges reduced to drug possession, the consequences of which are much less severe. Of course, we will work hard toward a not guilty verdict. We take pride in our commitment to hard work, along with our policy of always being truthful with clients regarding their case and always charging a fair rate. It is these factors, along with our outstanding record of success, which have earned us a reputation as a well respected legal team.

Contact a Santa Clarita drug sales attorney for help in fighting to avoid a potential prison sentence if you have been charged with drug sales.

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