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Juvenile crime cases in California are typically addressed in the juvenile court system, unless the juvenile is tried as an adult for a serious felony crime. But just because juveniles are prosecuted and punished differently than adult offenders, don't assume that the consequences of convictions aren't serious. After all, juvenile offenders can receive fines and/or penalties, including but not limited to community service, probation, and confinement at The California Youth Authority and/or Juvenile Hall.

More importantly, a conviction for even a minor offense can potentially ruin your child's educational and career opportunities if records aren't sealed or expunged. It's also important to note that the penalties for some juvenile crimes actually fall on the parents or legal guardians in some instances. That's why, if your child was arrested and charged with juvenile crimes in Santa Clarita, a successful outcome may depend on whether or not you contact a Santa Clarita criminal defense lawyer for advice and possible legal representation.

Juvenile Offenses and Consequences

You've probably heard the term juvenile delinquent in movies or books, but did you ever wonder what that really means? In juvenile court, the idea of rehabilitation is more important than punishment. It's one reason why juvenile court is very different than criminal courts for adults. In juvenile court, a judge, not a jury, rules over the case and makes decisions based on the best interest of the child. Juvenile offenders convicted of a crime are said to be delinquent under the law, and that's where the term comes from. It's important to note that juveniles 16 years old or older who commit serious crimes have a much higher chance of being tried as an adult.

Common juvenile offenses tried in juvenile court can include:

  • Property Violations: Arson, breaking and entering, vandalism
  • School Violations: Curfew, truancy
  • Sex Crimes: Date rape, assault
  • Drug Crimes: Underage drinking, DUI, possession, trafficking
  • Gang-related Crimes
  • Theft Crimes: Shoplifting, burglary, robbery
  • Violent Crimes and Weapons Charges

Whatever the offense, if your child has been arrested in Santa Clarita, contact an experienced Santa Clarita Juvenile Crimes Defense Attorney from The Law Offices of David M. Wallin right away for a free consultation. Attorneys at the firm don't just dabble in juvenile crimes defense. Our three experienced litigators have 40 years of combined experienced in criminal defense law and Attorney David M. Wallin is a State Bar Certified Criminal Law Specialist, one of only 175 in the entire state. We will work with the courts and attempt to negotiate alternative solutions while protecting your child's rights and ensuring fair treatment.

The consultation is free, so please contact a Santa Clarita juvenile crimes defense lawyer for more information regarding your child's juvenile case in Santa Clarita.

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