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Criminal Defense FAQ

Santa Clarita Criminal Defense Lawyer

Should I plead guilty to a DUI charge?

When accused of DUI, many individuals don't even bother to fight. Did you know that there are frequently serious errors in police procedure that can lead to a dismissal of charges? It is advised that you contact a Santa Clarita criminal defense attorney from the Law Offices of David M. Wallin to discuss your case before you make a plea. The more quickly you move in contacting us, the more likely we can do something effective to reduce the damage.

When accused of a serious crime, what if I am innocent?

Being innocent of a crime is not enough to ensure you avoid conviction. If you have been arrested and charged with a crime, it indicates that the prosecutor considers that they have the evidence to convict you. There are people in prison today that are completely innocent of the crime for which they were convicted. You must act quickly and take action to defend your case. Our legal team will fight to ensure that you are not put away for a crime that you didn't commit.

How do I choose a defense lawyer?

When seeking an aggressive criminal defense lawyer, consider the qualifications and experience of the attorney and the legal team that support them. Our lead attorney is a Criminal Law Specialist and the firm has 40 years combined experienced in defending all types of criminal charges, both felony and misdemeanor.

Will I go to jail?

Any criminal charge, even a DUI, usually includes jail or prison time as part of the penalty that can be imposed under law. When you are facing a criminal charge, you must fight to avoid the maximum penalty. A defense lawyer that is a skilled negotiator is critical when facing possible jail or prison time. Working out a reduced penalty, dismissed charge, not guilty verdict or alternative sentencing is absolutely vital.

Is a misdemeanor worth defending?

Any criminal offense should be defended. A misdemeanor may be less serious, but a conviction can land you in jail, in some cases for up to a year.

Isn't it expensive to get a defense lawyer?

Consider the alternative. When you are convicted of a DUI the costs you will face in fines, loss of license, time, increased insurance costs and in some cases loss of employment can far outweigh the costs you will pay in legal fees.

How can an attorney from the Law Offices of David M. Wallin help me?

Our legal team provides aggressive legal representation for cases of DUI, theft crimes, fraud , sex crimes, murder/manslaughter , hit & run, drug crimes, drug possession , domestic violence, assault & battery, and in defending young people in juvenile crimes.

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  • We Care About Your Future

    Unlike many criminal firms that are solely focused on the hear and now, our seasoned legal experts are committed to making sure that we help develop a strategy or plan for the next stage of your life.

  • Certified Criminal Law Specialist

    Attorney David M. Wallin not only has over three decades of legal experience, but is also a certified criminal law specialist - a distinction that roughly only 180 attorneys in the entire state of California have earned.

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    We're committed to charging a competitive rate for our legal services and offer a variety of financing options. We believe that quality legal representation shouldn't be reserved for those with vast financial means.

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    Unlike most criminal defense firms that only have one attorney on staff, we have a team of legal professionals working together to provide our clients with a complex legal strategy to maximize their chances of a positive outcome.

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    At The Law Offices of David M. Wallin, we want to make sure that we're completely honest with our clients and their family. At every step of the process, we'll be communicating with you to keep you up to date on any changes to your case.

The Criminal Conviction System

At The Law Offices of David M. Wallin, we know that the state will do everything in their power to make sure you end up behind bars. Because we know this, we'll actively work toward making sure your rights are protected and that your case is treated with the utmost care and urgency.